Welcome to my homepage!

First off, I'd like to introduce myself: I was born in 1989, at a hospital in Stavanger. Living in Sandnes for some years, we later moved on to Figgjo, probably the most dull and uneventful place you can possibly imagine. Due to that, I've throughout more than 7 years, starting at the age of ten, been programming in Visual Basic (including some other languages). This website contains the accumulation of the different projects I've managed to complete during that time.

Now you might be asking: "Why the hell would you use Visual Basic? Why not something useful like C++?". That's mostly because VB was the first language I was exposed to, and as the computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra famously put it: "It is practically impossible to teach good programming to students that have had a prior exposure to BASIC: as potential programmers they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration.". But seriously - regarding BASIC, I might agree with Dijkstra - but since it has evolved into Visual Basic (and subsequently VB .NET), I don't believe that statement applies to Visual Basic in any respect. Every single programming language has its utilisation in the right context, and furthermore, the language is not what makes a programmer. Now, you might not be able to use native pointers or create an operating system in VB, but that wasn't in the creators intention either. The purpose of this language is simply to make programs in a rapid and easy manner.

Visual Basic is undoubtedly a popular language, and because of that I have never needed to read a programming book related to it to learn it. All what was needed, was a bit of interest, and the Internet. Seeing that you even can download fully capable compilers, (see the Links-page), I don't think you'll ever have to leave your mom's basement when learning this language, aside from getting something to eat. Regardless, you should try to find your way out sometimes. Seriously.


Figgjo skole
This is the dull schoolhouse in Figgjo.